Carpooling through Rideshare

As new and returning parents and students settle into their daily routine, commuting to and from school can become a juggling act with work schedules, commute traffic/ distance, multiple children at different schools etc. MSA-SC parents come from a larger geographical area than most public schools. Over the last month, many parents have reached out to the PTO and the school to get help with carpool. They are looking to coordinate with other MSA-SC Parents in their geographic area to help ease the commute pain.

For all the carpool requests, here is a site which allows you to post a Ride Ad under an Event Listing (the Event Listing for the school is already created: Carpool to and from MSA-SC).

Please use ‘Lookup Code’: MSASC2013 to find listings or to post your own Ride Ads (carpool descriptions and needs).

Click here and register for a free account. You can then post your requirements.

Please include the following details when creating a Ride Ad:

  • City
  • Major landmark
  • Child’s grade
  • Drop-off or pick-up
  • Day/s of the week carpool is required
  • For pick-up, please mention if your child is to be picked up when school ends or when his/ her After-school program ends etc.

For Rideshare FAQs, click here.

Please note that, as a safety and a courtesy measure, we recommend there is never to be smoking or use of cell phones while driving and that the only people who will drive are the mutually agreed upon parents/caregivers. The PTO is only facilitating communication between parents for carpooling  and as such the PTO or the school can assume no responsibility for safety or for any other service involved in carpooling. Parents are responsible for checking drivers’ licenses, insurance and any other details.

Leave a comment to let us know how it works out 🙂


One response to “Carpooling through Rideshare

  1. I highly recommend to use our official SF bay area county setup website for this .

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