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Update: Future Home of MSA Santa Clara

Update for all the wonderful Magnolians who worked hard to prevent a high performing school and above all, their community, MSASC, from closing for a year. You know who you are!

Thank you for all your hard work and unflinching support of the students and the school, from standing in rallies to attending late night SCCOE and SCUSD meetings. You ROCK!!!

Message from the school:

“Dear MSA Santa Clara Parents and Students,

We have great news to share with you; we have found a permanent school site and our board will vote on the new facility on Sunday, May 17th.

The address of the facility is 1161 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Sunnyvale.

Site Attributes

•30,000 SF of space available for MSA SC

•Easy access to highways 101 and 237.

•Adjacent to VTA Tasman Light Rail station and bus stations

•Large parking lot which can be partly used as an outdoor play area

•Secure campus with onsite drop off and pickup

•Onsite gymnasium

•Zoned Appropriately

•Adjacent to residential and commercial areas

•ADA Compliant, Sprinklered Building

We are currently working on signing a 10+ year lease and getting Magnolia board approval and are in contact with the city of Sunnyvale for planning and city approvals. The time line for the facility is:

•Sign Lease May 21, 2015

•Planning and Design June 27, 2015

•Receive City Approvals July 5, 2015

•Begin Construction July 5, 2015

•Complete Construction August 21, 2015

•Final Inspection and COO August 22, 2015

•Occupy the Space August 24, 2015

It is a tight timeline and therefore we have revised our school calendar to start on August 24th. Please find attached our new calendar:  MSASC School Calendar: 2015-16 “


Thank you, teachers: Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you to all the teachers who make a difference in students’ lives. You have helped a young person positively in his/ her path in life.

Also, thank you to all the generous parents who brought in food for the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast yesterday and the Teacher Appreciation Lunch today!
The teachers and the PTO appreciate your generosity and support.

Teacher Appreciation- Thank you Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you Teachers


EVENT REMINDER: Science STEAM Expo, this Friday, May 8

Dear Parents,

Friday May 8th is a short day and school will be over at 12:30. All parents are welcome to see student work from 8:30 to 12:30. The schedule for the day is below:

Friday, May 8
8:30-9:30 9:30-10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30-12:30
ENGINEERING 6th Grade Popsicle Bridge
7th Grade Popsicle Bridge
8th Grade Popsicle Bridge
ENGINEERING Telescope Presentations
Marble Rollercoaster
TrebuchetsFIELD Egg DropBLACKTOP
SCIENCE Bio Model Presentations
Ecosystem Presentations
SCIENCE High School Science  Demonstrations
High School Science  Demonstrations
High School Science  Demonstrations
High School Science  Demonstrations
TECHNOLOGY Computer Lab-
Computer Lab-
Computer Lab-
Computer Lab-
MATH Math Activity
ROOMS 2 & 3
Math Activity
ROOMS 2 & 3
Math Activity
ROOMS 2 & 3
Math Activity
ROOMS 2 & 3
Art Display-ROOM 1
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science Standards Based Art 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science Standards Based Art 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science Standards Based Art 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science Standards Based Art
MSA-SC Science Expo: May 8, 2015

MSA-SC Science Expo: May 8, 2015

Update: Apr 23, SCUSD meeting || Thank you for YOUR support || Photos

Thank you to all the parents and students who came to the SCUSD Meeting last week! You DID make a difference!

Some photos on the MSA-SC PTO Facebook page: Click HERE . And if you haven’t done so already, please  ‘LIKE’  the Facebook page while you’re there.

The principal, Mr. Ak’s update on the SCUSD Board Meeting and its decision:

“Dear MSA Santa Clara Parents and Students,

Last night the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to not extend our lease at our current campus for the upcoming school year. While we are disappointed in the board’s decision, I would like to assure you that we are committed to remaining open, and we are actively exploring alternative campuses that meet our educational needs for next year.
The district’s board approved a motion that directs the district’s superintendent and staff to work with us to find an alternate site on a district campus. We plan on meeting with the district as soon as possible to explore this option.
Additionally, we are currently engaging in negotiations for a temporary campus that is not on district grounds, and which would serve us in the upcoming school year. As we explore both of these options, we plan to dedicate our time and resources to make sure that we choose a campus that best serves our community, as we continue to provide a rigorous, STEM-focused education to our students.
We will keep you posted on our efforts to secure a campus, and I am confident our high-quality program will continue uninterrupted in the coming years.
I would like to personally thank our parents, students, teachers and staff for their ongoing support and efforts to secure a campus for next year. I am so proud to call MSA Santa Clara my home and look forward to graduating our very first class next year.
Warmest regards,
Yilmaz Ak

IMP: MSA-SC is on the SCUSD meeting agenda this Thursday, April 23! We need YOU to be present to show your support

Hello Magnolians,

MSA-SC is finally officially on the agenda this Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm.

We, the Magnolian community, current and future students, need YOU to be there to show your support for the requested one year school lease extension at the current facility.

In the end, it’s as simple as that- just SHOW UP!

Thank you!

SOS_Save Our School

SOS_Save Our School

MSASC students and parents  unitedly wait at a board meeting

MSASC students and parents unitedly wait at a board meeting

Mercury News article talks about MSA-SC’s Fight for Facilities

Read the Mercury News article on how charters including MSA-SC are being squeezed out of  San Francisco Bay Area facilities: Click here

Excerpt from the article:

Santa Clara Unified spokeswoman Jennifer Dericco , “….. We need to take care of Santa Clara Unified students first,” she said.

But charter parents point out that they, too, are district parents — who simply have chosen an alternative permitted under state law.

Please take a moment to share this article ( by Sharon Noguchi of the Mercury News with your mailing lists (friends, families, other people interested in education), corporate distribution lists and social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) and also ask them to sign and then share our PETITION:

Let’s work together to make this happen!!

Students from the Magnolia Science Academy rally outside the Santa Clara Unified School District Board Meeting, March 5, 2015. Magnolia hopes to get an extension for its lease so that they can find a permanent facility. ) (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Students from the Magnolia Science Academy rally outside the Santa Clara Unified School District Board Meeting, March 5, 2015. Magnolia hopes to get an extension for its lease so that they can find a permanent facility. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)


It was inspiring and humbling to see your support for your school at the SCCOE board meeting a couple of days ago. 300+ MSA-SC students, parents and teachers turned out to show their solidarity and to urge elected officials to find a solution to the situation facing us: closure of the school. It was this show of community spirit which made the SCCOE board members urge the SCUSD to consider the ‘human factor’ in the situation while considering the school closure- the human factor which involves a life changing school closure for ~500 students, their parents and staff.

We are asking for a one year school lease extension. The SCUSD plans to leave the campus empty for the next year- we are urging them to let our students stay! Please sign our PETITION and share it with your whole friend circle, your extended family, everybody you know! It doesn’t matter if they are local or not, if they believe in EDUCATION and CHOICES, then it is an easy decision to sign our Petition.

Click to sign petition

We’ve come so far together, let’s continue this journey to make our children’s lives better!

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing with as many people as you can via email, facebook, Twitter and other social media.


MSASC students and parents  wait at  a SCCOE board meeting

MSASC students and parents wait at a SCCOE board meeting

Thankful | Walk-a-thon Pledge Deadline Extension

Hello Magnolians,

Hope your Thanksgiving Break was thankful and fun and that you are all energized and ready for school to start!

Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who turned out for and participated in the 2014 MSASC Walk-a-thon. We’re especially thankful to all our volunteers without whom this event would not have been possible! Watch out for their names in the special edition Walk-thon 2014 newsletter coming next week.

Meanwhile, keep collecting those pledges! The date to turn in the pledge money has been extended from Dec.1 to Friday Dec. 5 to allow students more time to get the money in from family, friends, neighbors etc. Money is to be turned in to Homeroom teachers. Every pledge turned in with $20 or more is eligible for a Free Dress Pass!

Remember, we have great prizes this year for the most funds raised by students including an XBox One, Samsung tablets etc. among others.


Fitness, food & fundraising= fun! Walk-a-thon day today!

Walk-a-thon day today! It promises to be a beautiful autumn California day! Fitness, food & fundraising make for a fun event. Come support the students as they run and walk to help the school and the student community.IMG_0893.JPG

Tomorrow Friday, Nov. 21st: Food at the Walk-a-thon, prizes, etc.

The Walk-a-thon is tomorrow, look forward to seeing you there at 1 pm!

Flyer with Food details:

MSA-SC Walkathon 2014 Flyer with Food Details

MSA-SC Walkathon 2014 Flyer

Click to view: MSA-SC Walk-a-thon 2014 flyer with food details


Click here for more details on the exciting prizes!


Walk-a-thon coming up soon! Pledge Forms & Loaner sign-ups

Walk-a-thon 2014 is around the corner. How’re the kids doing on collecting pledges? It’s not too late to ramp up on the fundraising! We have some awesome prizes lined up for them this year 🙂

Meanwhile, we need a few items as loaners for the Walk-a-thon. We couldn’t do this without you all!! Please sign up here:

Walk-a-thon 2014 update: Pledges| Prizes|Participate

Walk-a-thon 2014 is coming up soon on Friday, November 21 from 1- 4pm. Exciting indeed! We look forward to the parents’ presence at the event to support and cheer on the students. There will be food and snacks available for purchase.

Pledge Forms

Pledge Forms were sent home with the students some time back. If misplaced, the Pledge Form can be printed by Clicking Here. All money should be turned in by December 1st or earlier. If paying through Paypal to the PTO, please add a note about the child’s name & grade and that the money is for the Walk-a-thon Pledge. For questions we have received on the minimum donation, may we suggest $100 or more per child. If children would like to request their neighbors to support their efforts in the walk-a-thon, please have them always walk with an adult when knocking door to door. Family & holiday parties can be another good venue to convince prospective donors on how their donations can benefit the student’s school and the students themselves. Money raised goes to science and technology equipment & supplies, arts programs, to help teachers etc.

IMP: Don’t forget to ask if your (or the student’s uncle/ aunt/ other family/ friends’) employer matches donations. This is a way to double the money raised by the student. The PTO is a 501 (c) (3) organization and therefore an eligible non-profit for corporate matching programs.


This year, the students can look forward to some exciting prizes. The top fundraiser in the school will win an XBox One! Other prizes include tablets etc. The students with the most number of laps completed will also get great prizes, tickets to fun places etc.

Microsoft's XBox One

XBox One

2 classes will get Pizza Parties: (1) the class which raises the most money and (2) the class whose students walk the most laps together.

As usual, we could never do this without the support of our parents. Please Click here to sign-up to volunteer. We also need some canopies as loaners: Click here to sign-up. Thank you in advance!

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.  You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.  ~Author Unknown

Many of the new students & parents had questions about the event. To give the new (and old) Magnolians an idea of what’s in store for them, here’s an overview:

Watch last year’s video aired on TV: Click here

Check out 2013 photos: Click here

Read some articles on the 2013 Walk-a-thon: Click here

Red Ribbon Week: October 27- 31, 2014 in MSA-SC

MSA-SC will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week the last week in October, October 27-October 31, 2014. Red Ribbon Week was designed to create an awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
During Red Ribbon Week, students will be participating in a variety of activities focusing on the theme “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free!

Red Ribbon Week Activities:

Monday, Oct. 27th          “Sock it to Drugs!”  
Wear your craziest socks

Tuesday, Oct. 28th          “Too cool for drugs!”
Wear your sun glasses

Wednesday, Oct. 29th    “Team Up Against Drugs
Wear your favorite sport  jersey

Thursday, Oct. 30th        “Put a cap on Drugs”
Wear your craziest hat/cap day

Friday, Oct. 31st                “Say boo to drugs”
Halloween Dress

Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween
The following rules apply:

  • Costumes must conform to the MSA Dress Code (see above).
  • Costumes may not be demeaning to any ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, gender (boys as girls and vice versa), or individual (staff or student) at the school.
  • Costumes may not cause a disruption or distraction to the school program, i.e. no revealing costumes (French maids, nightwear, bathing suits, etc.).
  • No weapons, toy weapons, or props replicating weapons are to be brought to school.
  • No costumes are allowed that would completely hide the identity of the student, i.e. gorilla suit, “Scream” character.
  • Costumes must not impair a student’s vision or movement.
  • Costumes may not show obscene materials or prohibited substances.
  • No masks are permitted.

If you are not sure, don’t wear it!

Red Ribbon Week 2014: “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”

Red Ribbon Week 2014: “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”

Volunteers needed for Walk-a-thon 2014!

Hello Magnolians,

MSA-SC’s biggest event of this year, the Annual Walk-a-thon is coming up on Friday, November 21st. Our biggest fundraiser, last year’s Walk-a-thon was a great success with students walking/ running non-stop to fulfill the Pledges they had collected from family and friends. Many parents and staff also participated enthusiastically. The PTO raised ~$25,000 to help the school (and eventually the students), in technology and equipment, teacher training, extracurricular programs etc. It’s that extra support which helps the students & the school shine more brightly!

Pledge forms will be going home with your student/s soon. They will start reaching out to their circles to get the pledge commitments. Meanwhile, we need parents’ help, too. Without you, an event of this magnitude can never be put together. Last year, parents generously gave their time and effort to make a successful event happen. We look forward and depend upon your support this year, too.

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ – Winston Churchill.

Please sign-up to volunteer in this Google Form:

Thank you in advance!

Walk-a-thon 2013 photos:

Walk-a-thon 2013 video:

Walk-a-thon 2013 press coverage:


Students run at the 2013 MSA-SC Walk-a-thon

Students run at the 2013 MSA-SC Walk-a-thon

Today’s Back to School Welcome BBQ Day, 2-4 pm

Dear Magnolians,

The countdown has ended and the BBQ day is here! Look forward to seeing you at school at 2 pm.

Just like going on a picnic or to the beach, don’t forget to get your sun gear (sunhats, sunscreen etc.) and any folding chairs, picnic blankets etc. Children (and adults!) are also welcome to get Frisbees, volleyball, badminton, horseshoes sets.

This promises to be a FUN day! See you soon.