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Picture Alert: School Garden Work Day photos

An almost forgotten corner of the school, the school garden was visited regularly only by the 10- 12 members of the Earth Club last year. At the start of the new school year, it is baked dry and sere, filled with weeds and trash. However, with Ms. Maragos, we decide to transform it. It will be many things: ‘a food bank, a scientific lab, a quiet, green place to read and relax, a place to draw and paint’.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.” 

 A call for help sent out to Big Tent and parents and students turn out to help work in the school garden at short notice. Making new memories on a summer weekend, the hard work put in now will lead to more carefree and delightfully green moments later. The transformation from a ‘dry desert’ to a ‘green paradise’ is well on its way!

This past Saturday, August 17, the volunteers all worked hard to get a head start on getting 50% of the beds (7 out of 14) ready. Generous donations of tools, bags of amendments etc. were also brought in. Many thanks to Alan & Michelle Fong, Sajjad Lateef, Valerie Tran, Sanjeev Gautam, Jennifer, Noor, Hind, Bilal, Aaryan and Sahana, and of course Ms. Maragos!



First step from dry desert to green paradise: its ‘School Garden Work Day today!

School Garden Work Day today! Come out & help dig, weed and amend to make the soil rich and ready for planting 
Parents and students, green thumbs and newbies, siblings and family members, all are welcome!

Bring your hats, sunblock, some water & some small snacks for yourself. Bring whatever garden tools you have at home to dig around today, for the garden work.

The garden is waiting to transform: from a dry desert to a green paradise 🙂