Starting Arts

The Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara Parent Teacher Organization, in partnership with non-profit Starting Arts, is pleased to offer after-school classes in the arts.  Each class includes 12 weeks of instruction, culminating in an Arts Showcase at the end of the semester, where students will exhibit their creations and display their talents in performances.

Visual Arts (Drawing & Painting):  

Explore various types of artistic expression using a variety of media and styles.

Meets on Wednesday at 2:05 – 3:05 in the Chemistry Lab, starting 9/18.

Fee:  $65 for instruction + $20 materials

Minimum enrollment of 20 students needed for class. Maximum number of students is 25.

Performing Arts:

Introductory class with theater games, improvisation, and skits in a workshop format.

Meets on Monday and Wednesday in Room 12, at 2:15 – 3:15, starting 9/16.

Fee:  $125

Minimum enrollment of 20 students needed for class.  No maximum.

Make checks payable to “MSASCPTO” or “Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara Parent Teacher Organization” and the form and check to the MSA Office by August 31.

Download form: Click here


Q> May I enroll online?

A> Enrollment must be done on the paper enrollment form; there is no online enrollment.

Q> What if the Visual Arts class hits the maximum?

A> Enrollments will be processed as they are received.  Once the class is full, checks will be returned to those who were not able to be enrolled.

Q> Does Starting Arts offer other classes?

A> Yes.  Check out their website at to explore their variety of studio classes.

Q> May I make a suggestion for a class?

A> Please do!  The PTO hopes to expand our offerings next semester, so make your suggestions to the Starting Arts coordinator, Debbie La Fetra, at


2 responses to “Starting Arts

  1. Do you have an updated Starting-Arts-Class enrollment form for this 2nd semester? I can’t find one.


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