Q) What is the PTO?

A) The PTO stands for the Parent Teacher Organization.

Q) What does the PTO do?

A) The PTO works to positively enhance the school experience of students and their families. A school is an incredible place where our children learn, dream, aspire and achieve. Teachers are the enablers of that vision, the parents of the PTO are the enhancers. We work together with the teachers and staff at Magnolia Science Academy to provide them support in the areas of manpower, supplies, special events, and logistics when and where needed.

Q) Sounds interesting! How do I sign up to volunteer?

A) Great! Sign up to Volunteer here:  http://goo.gl/4WhDv4 (Google form). Please fill out the form to indicate how you would like to help.

Q) I volunteered. How do I submit my hours?

A) Please submit them online. Track your volunteer hours: http://goo.gl/22UdL3 (Google form).

  1. Find the event you volunteered for.
  2. Fill out the number of hours volunteered.
  3. The event chair for that event will sign-off on those hours.

Q) Is there a minimum hours requirement?

A) Yes. There is a suggested minimum requirement of 10 volunteer hours for the school year. That works out to an hour a month. Most people do more and many put in extended hours as a school volunteer.


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