PTO ELECTION time! Forms included

Link to PTO Board Nomination Form:

Hello Magnolians,

As the 2014-15 school year draws to an end, it is time to start preparing for next years school programs and activities.

We are looking for nominations for the following PTO Board positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor. The current PTO board members’ term concludes on May 31, 2015. With the MSA-SC PTO infrastructure already in place, we are looking for parents to step up and move us forward next year with the responsibility of enriching the lives of our children and contributing to the quality education they deserve. In accordance with By-laws of the MSA-SC  PTO the nomination committee is soliciting members for each PTO board position. The nominees should represent parents with interests’ experience and expertise with the position nominated and show a strong commitment to the purpose of the PTO.

You may nominate yourself or someone you think will honorably represent the position. Brief job descriptions for each position are included in the Nomination Form. Feel free to contact a current board member for additional information. The new board members will be selected from nominations elicited from the general membership. Additionally Committee heads and volunteer members are needed.

QUALIFICATIONS: The nomination process will be open to anyone who is a current parent in MSA-SC at the time when school re-opens for academic year 2015-16. If appointed, board members must comply with the approved by-laws. Current Board members will help you learn ‘on the job’ as they transition out.

TERM OF APPOINTMENT: From first day of school to last day of school of academic year 2015-16

NOMINATION FORMS: Any MSA-SC parent may nominate a person or persons, including him or herself. Click the form link below to submit online. There will also be paper forms available at the Thursday April 30 meeting.

Link to PTO Board Nomination Form:


Jaya Gautam
Vice President, MSA-SC PTO

Why get involved? Research show that parental involvement affects a child’s life positively. Parent involvement is most effective when a true partnership exists between schools and families. The PTO Board works as a liaison between the parents, the teachers and the school to build that partnership, ultimately benefiting each child in the school.

PTO Elections


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