EVENT REMINDER: Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, Mar 17 at 7 pm

MSA-SC will be holding a Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Caprice Young, CEO Magnolia Public Schools, TOMORROW, Tues, March 17.

What: Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Young

Where: MSA-SC Cafeteria

When: 7 pm-  8 pm

Message from Mr. Ak:

“You are cordially invited to a town hall meeting tomorrow with Magnolia Public Schools CEO, Dr. Caprice Young. Dr. Young will be discussing the campaign to extend the lease at our current school site, as well as ongoing efforts to find alternate campuses to ensure that our program will continue uninterrupted in the fall. Your continued support and involvement will be critical in the coming weeks as we make our case to the district to keep the doors of MSA Santa Clara—one of the highest-performing schools in the district—open. We will discuss what the campaign will look like and how you can help us get our voice heard. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.”

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting


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