It was inspiring and humbling to see your support for your school at the SCCOE board meeting a couple of days ago. 300+ MSA-SC students, parents and teachers turned out to show their solidarity and to urge elected officials to find a solution to the situation facing us: closure of the school. It was this show of community spirit which made the SCCOE board members urge the SCUSD to consider the ‘human factor’ in the situation while considering the school closure- the human factor which involves a life changing school closure for ~500 students, their parents and staff.

We are asking for a one year school lease extension. The SCUSD plans to leave the campus empty for the next year- we are urging them to let our students stay! Please sign our PETITION and share it with your whole friend circle, your extended family, everybody you know! It doesn’t matter if they are local or not, if they believe in EDUCATION and CHOICES, then it is an easy decision to sign our Petition.

Click to sign petition

We’ve come so far together, let’s continue this journey to make our children’s lives better!

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing with as many people as you can via email, facebook, Twitter and other social media.


MSASC students and parents  wait at  a SCCOE board meeting

MSASC students and parents wait at a SCCOE board meeting


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