IMP: SCCOE Meeting TONIGHT at 7 pm | Show YOUR Support!

Thank you for your presence at the SCUSD board meeting last week. More than 100 students and parents showed up and stayed to support MSA-SC. It was a wonderful feeling , especially for the children who spoke about their love for MSA-SC and how they have grown in confidence and knowledge while in the school. Listening to them brought a tear to the eye and a lump to many people’s throats.

WE need YOU to show up again tonight at the SCCOE (Santa Clara County Office of Education).  The new charter is the ONLY item on the agenda and we should flood the room before they start deliberating on it. Thanks to the SCCOE board which agreed to convene this special meeting for us. Let us NOT waste this special opportunity! The SCCOE needs to see that our school community is committed, not just the staff and 5-6 parents. Like I said last week, if we stand TOGETHER, we can move mountains (or at least do our best to). Please rally around the school again. I hope to see 200 people tonight at 7 pm!!!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

WHAT: SCCOE Board Meeting

WHEN: 7 pm

WHERE: 1290 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 (Google Maps)

WHAT TO DO/ BRING: Please come prepared with a 1 minute speech. (If you do not want to talk, show up for support! ) Have a good snack before to make sure you have the energy to speak and to stay till the end 🙂 Bring another small snack, some water, a book or something to do as we have to wait till the end of the meeting. Bring your positive attitude 🙂 Wear your UNIFORM! There will be some pizza at the end of the meeting.



2 responses to “IMP: SCCOE Meeting TONIGHT at 7 pm | Show YOUR Support!

  1. Parents working for big bayarea corporations need to contact their leadership who talks about fostering STEM. Please ask your corporation’s leadership to call up Santa Clara and demand to know why a 9-rated STEM school is being shutdown by Santa Clara school board politicians.
    I have contacted my company’s leadership who is committed to STEM education at bayarea schools and especially for girls, and they are following up on this issue with this Santa Clara school district. Please take contact other parents and ask them to take action today. Your other option is to let this school close and send your kids to low-ranking, under-peforming Santa Clara public schools.

  2. Please do your part in saving this school. There is no other charter school in the middle and high school levels in Santa Clara City. Should this school close, we will have no other option but to homeschool our kids. If you have the discipline, more power to you, otherwise come out and show your support. Thank you

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