Welcome back | Round-up of Movie screening + New charter petition hearing

Welcome back to school! Hope you all had a great President’s Week 🙂

Movie Screening of ‘Waiting for “Superman”‘

We had a very interesting  screening of ‘Waiting for “Superman”‘ on Friday, February 13th. It was informative and inspiring to see how people and organizations are working to fix lacunae in the American educational system. Young children and parents with dreams were waiting for lotteries to get into charter schools which could potentially change their lives. The students in MSA-SC could imagine themselves in those shoes! Good schools can literally change the entire direction your life will take as you grow up to adulthood and beyond.

Thank you to all the parents who brought snacks and food. It was much appreciated!

New charter petition hearing

Many parents, staff and one student, Aaryan G., spoke at the new charter petition hearing for STEM Academy at the Santa Clara County Office of Education on Wednesday , February 18th. Thank you to those who came out to show their support. The  next meeting in March will also be important. Please put it on your calendars.


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