REMINDER: MSASC Science Fair, Sat Dec 6- Schedule, Procedures & Parent Letter

The MSASC Science Fair is today. Please read the Science Department’s message:

“Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to inspire your student. Our goal is for all students to have the opportunity to present to professionals the discoveries they have made throughout the project, and to feel encouraged and successful in science.

MSASC Science Department

Ms. Ehly, Ms. Henson, Mrs. Banerjee, Mr. Louie”

Event Details
What: MSASC Science Fair
Who: Magnolia Science Academy, Santa Clara
When: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 8 am – 4 pm PST
Where: MSA Cafeteria
2720 Sonoma Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051

For Science Fair Procedures and Schedule for different classes: Click here

For Parent Letter: Click here


Science Fair_B&W

MSASC Science Fair 2014


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