Red Ribbon Week: October 27- 31, 2014 in MSA-SC

MSA-SC will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week the last week in October, October 27-October 31, 2014. Red Ribbon Week was designed to create an awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
During Red Ribbon Week, students will be participating in a variety of activities focusing on the theme “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free!

Red Ribbon Week Activities:

Monday, Oct. 27th          “Sock it to Drugs!”  
Wear your craziest socks

Tuesday, Oct. 28th          “Too cool for drugs!”
Wear your sun glasses

Wednesday, Oct. 29th    “Team Up Against Drugs
Wear your favorite sport  jersey

Thursday, Oct. 30th        “Put a cap on Drugs”
Wear your craziest hat/cap day

Friday, Oct. 31st                “Say boo to drugs”
Halloween Dress

Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween
The following rules apply:

  • Costumes must conform to the MSA Dress Code (see above).
  • Costumes may not be demeaning to any ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, gender (boys as girls and vice versa), or individual (staff or student) at the school.
  • Costumes may not cause a disruption or distraction to the school program, i.e. no revealing costumes (French maids, nightwear, bathing suits, etc.).
  • No weapons, toy weapons, or props replicating weapons are to be brought to school.
  • No costumes are allowed that would completely hide the identity of the student, i.e. gorilla suit, “Scream” character.
  • Costumes must not impair a student’s vision or movement.
  • Costumes may not show obscene materials or prohibited substances.
  • No masks are permitted.

If you are not sure, don’t wear it!

Red Ribbon Week 2014: “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”

Red Ribbon Week 2014: “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”


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