MSA-SC STEAM Science Expo (tomorrow) May 9, 1- 4 pm

It’s Science Expo day tomorrow. All families are encouraged to come and see the wonderful middle and high school student demonstrations. Please see the schedule below. The school asks that all visitors sign in at the Science Expo table. All students are expected to be on campus from 1 – 3 pm unless they are picked up a parent and signed out in the Main Office.

Details: Click here

1-2 pm  MS- Rube Goldberg Demonstrations and Evaluations Playground behind Rooms A & B
1-2 pm  MS- Submarine Demonstrations and Evaluations Blacktop
1-2 pm HS- Computer Science Projects Room 6
2-3pm MS- Computer Science Projects Room 6
2-3 pm  MS- Marble Roller Coaster Demonstrations and Evaluations Cafeteria
2-3 pm HS- Catapult Blacktop
2-3 pm HS-Biometrics Testing On the Field
3-4 pm MS- Egg Drop Blacktop
1-3 pm Garden Club Tours Garden next to Portable C
1-4pm Eco system model presentations and display In science classrooms: Room A, B, 5, P2
1-4pm STEAM middle school artwork on display Room 1
1-4pm High School Science Demonstrations Main Hallway by Blacktop

Look forward to seeing you there!


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