Candy, Halloween & Anti-bullying: It must be October!

Candy Count Competition

Like candy? It’s your chance to win a mouthful. Guess how much candy is in our candy bag and the prize could be yours. Each student has the opportunity to make three guesses. See the bag and make your guesses at lunch Monday -Thursday.

Halloween Dress Up

All students are welcome to dress up for Halloween on Thursday, October 31. Costumes must be appropriate. No short or skimpy costumes, no costumes with pretend or real weapons, no costumes which could be offensive to others. Be sure you are able to safely move around the campus while wearing your costume. If students are not in a legitimate costume, then they need to be in school uniform. A tee shirt and jeans is NOT a costume.

Middle School Halloween Parade

All Middle School students who wish to show off their costume will be able to do so at the beginning of the lunch period on Thursday.

Anti-Bullying Contest

Students have the opportunity to enter our Anti-bullying contest. There are four categories in our contest – Essay, Poetry, Slogan and Art Poster. Details are available on line or in the Main Office. Entries are due by Thursday, October 31. All entries will be recognized.


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