Raising bigger bucks for the Walk-a-thon!

The Magnolia 2013 Walk-a-thon is 2 weeks away. Your student’s fundraising should have picked up steam by now. If not, now’s the time to start.

A good approach is to start with your neighbors. Once your student has practiced their pitch, walk around with them to the neighbor’s homes. Wait for them as they approach the neighbors & convince them on why they need the money. Remember the 3 C’s: Charm (aka politeness & a smile) and Conviction (you believe in what you’re selling), will Convert (make them buy in to your fundraising) most people!

Secondly, approach local businesses. Some of them may be willing to sponsor the student while they walk, as a flat pledge or a per lap contribution. They may make in-kind contributions.

Approach friends & family. They’re a sure shot, so make sure to talk to uncles and aunts and grandparents, not just mom and dad!

Count all the loose coins, paper money and checks. That’s a respectable total. Wait! You’re not done yet. Find the person in your family or friends who works for a company with a Matching Gifts program. Ask them to submit your donation money through that program. An easy way to double your money and bring in bigger bucks for the school 🙂

MSA_Sneaker logo for walkathon

MSA -SC Walk-a-thon Sneaker graphic


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